Brazilian singer-songwriter Dom La Nena has broken international ground with her exciting multi-lingual new album ‘Soyo’, released in the UK on 23 October shortly before her showcase at St. Pancras Old Church, London on 28 October.

Born in the sunny coastal city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Dom learned to live in motion and spent her childhood split between her hometown and the cosmopolitan streets of Paris, where she mastered cello and piano. Her talents brought her to the doorstep of acclaimed American cellist Christine Walevska, and her passion for music quickly transformed her into ‘one to watch’.

At just 25, Dom has proved herself an incredibly versatile musician with the ethereal melodies on ‘Soyo’ centred on folk rhythms with melancholic undertones, while dipping equally into indie rock and Latin dance forms. The album also sees Dom singing in four different languages; Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Dom will showcase tracks from her new album at St. Pancras Old Church, London on 28 October:

“London is a gorgeous, multicultural city with a huge musical heritage that I can’t wait to get my teeth into. It provides such a unique space to perform in front of people from all different walks of life…it will be an inspiration like no other.”

Drawing comparisons as disparate as “a young Brian Wilson” (Wall Street Journal) and “Cat Power’s … lost sister” (Pop Dose), Dom has grown into an unbounded individual with songs ranging from folk lullabies to old time sambas all perfectly suited to her distinctive, diaphanous whisper.

Co-produced by Brazilian songwriter/guitarist Marcelo Camelo (of the band Los Hermanos), ‘Soyo’ builds upon the vocabulary of her luminary debut album ‘Ela’, with every instrument played by one of the pair. Camelo has been credited with adding an upbeat, percussive and rhythmic dynamic, infusing the shine of Rio de Janiero and bringing upbeat elements to Dom’s bluesy idiom.

“I like to start new ideas on my own,” Dom says, “and when I’ve done some recording and sketched out how things fit together, it’s even more exciting to have someone join in.”

Ornamented by cellos, pianos, and other chamber folk elements, Dom has drawn inspiration from the many musicians she has toured and collaborated with, such as Jeanne Moreau, Etienne Daho and Camille. Her first exposure to big stages was at the age of 18, on a two-year worldwide tour with English actress and singer Jane Birkin.

Recorded in Mexico City, Paris and Lisbon, mixed in Sao Paolo and mastered in Miami, the album is international to its core.

Dom said: “All the musicians and artists who have influenced me and my song-writing…make their way subconsciously into my music – but one of the biggest influences for this album was being on the road…The underlying anticipation and the mundane things that happen in life while on tour tend to find their way into my songs.”

Dom La Nena will showcase her new album ‘Soyo’ at St. Pancras Old Church on Wednesday 28 October 2015.

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