Step 1: find the audience, the channels and the story

First we identify your audiences. Then we identify the online, offline and social media channels which will reach them most effectively. Next we consider what aspects of your specific project will engage them most, and with most immediacy. We come up with stories, angles and approaches which we know will capture their interest and imagination. Finally we fit all this into a tactical plan.


Step 2: use access to influencers to disseminate the story

We have the channels, the stories and the strategy. We create all the written and visual collateral we require, and we plan how to execute any public stunts or promotions. But it’s all valueless unless it’s sold to those who will disseminate the stories via the media. We have an unparalleled network of connections built up over 25 years. We talk to them. We get them to tell your story.


Step 3: stimulate sharing of the story across social media

Word of mouth sells. Nowhere does word of mouth travel further, faster and to more targeted audiences than via social media. We interlink all your media activity and devise social media-specific stories to generate digital impact. We then monitor what people are saying, and intervene to your advantage to update, advance and develop the dialogue.


Step 4: carry on

Steps 1, 2 and 3 drive sales, but the activity doesn’t end when the critics take their seats and the curtain goes up. We take stock of how people respond. We develop the initial story and we invent new angles to capitalise on changing circumstances and new opportunities. Once you’re in the news, we keep you there. We carry on providing the PR impetus that enables you to keep selling.


We conceive creative stories about you which are guaranteed to attract attention. We disseminate those stories to our network of online, offline and social media connections.

We get people talking.