How to avoid Idea Porn Never before have so many believed in the power of PR. The Holmes Report now estimates the PR industry is a $12.5 billion sector that employs 80,000 people worldwide. In the UK there are 55,000

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Damage by dilution Thoughts on #piggate


The twitterati hadn’t even reached their second earl grey of the morning and there were already several hashtags jockeying for pole position in the ‘Cameron gets intimate with a pig’ trendathon. Eventually #piggate was the chosen rallying cry of the

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The benefit (claimants) of the doubt. From sweat-busters to scrounger bashing- a week of PR trickery


Us Brits are an incredulous lot. We have a free press and an impartial public broadcaster yet our trust in the media is among the lowest in the world. Business, politics and religion have each suffered significant crises of confidence

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#RWC2015 The greatest show on earth comes to…Brighton


Booked your World Cup tickets yet? It’s not until 2018 isn’t it? No the other one — it’s now less than a month away… You’d be forgiven for not realising that th e world and its cauliflower ears will be descending on

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Corbynmania- who’d have thought it?


A recent rally in Glasgow for the unexpected favourite in the Labour leadership race, Jeremy Corbyn, had to be moved to a larger venue because it’s 1000-person capacity wasn’t big enough. A message was sent around to all supporters: “the

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The Cumber-down


“I’m going to try my hardest not to scream the minute he walks on stage” revealed one of the many Benedict Cumberbatch superfans to a WSJ reporter at last night’s first performance of Hamlet. I’m sure the Gielgubitches said the

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The meaning of Cecil


Cecil was not a lucky lion. First being named after the unreformed imperialist who invented the concentration camp; then to be slowly killed, skinned and decapitated; and finally, to become a meme of the moment and plundered worldwide –from stuffed

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Cannes Lions — the sober reality What have we really learned about creativity in 2015?


Sex and death. “Two things that come once in my lifetime,” quipped Woody Allen. At this year’s Cannes Lions both happened- and that was just on the Croisette. The fatal car accident involving a Google executive and Twitter’s gleeful smuttering

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Mudslinging on twitter


She is considered the most influential female rapper of all time. He is has less sheen than a dog-eared copy of The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists. But it turns out that Nicki Minaj and the Labour leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn have

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Flacked Off


What do you get when you pack a room full of PR folk and journalists – with the former outnumbering the latter 4 to 1? The result is less a confident face-off and more a joint session in existential angst

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